United Nations


UNAIDS – Cameraman during visit of UNAIDS Executive Director to Cape Town


UNICEF – Videographer (shoot and edit a 12 minute documentary) for UNICEF Ghana on educating high school students on Ebola and Cholera.


UNICEF – Videographer (shoot and edit) five and eight minute videos on overcoming child stunting and malnutrition in Rwanda.

UNHCR – Produce, shoot and edit a 25 minute documentary on a musical being staged in Malawi bringing together refugees and Malawians

UNICEF – Videographer (shoot and edit) HIV Testing and Counselling in Schools, Namibia


UNDP — produce, shoot and edit a half hour documentary on the role of youth in democracy in Tunisia, Egypt, Ghana, Uganda, and Mozambique

UNICEF – Videographer (shoot and edit) Maternal and Child Health Week, Namibia

UNICEF – Videographer (shoot and edit) Namibia Education Transition Fund, Namibia

UNICEF – videographer (shoot and edit) covering Children’s Parliament, Namibia


UNICEF – videographer (shoot and edit) on improved school facilities, Angola

UNICEF – videographer (shoot and edit) teen clubs for children with HIV, Namibia

UNICEF – videographer (shoot and edit) on Health Extension Workers, Namibia

UNICEF – videographer (shoot and co-edit) on eradicating polio and on schools, Angola.

UNAIDS – cameraman on ARV roll out, South Africa