Full List of documentaries


Occupied — 15 minute documentary about a Palestinian filmmaker running a workshop in an Algerian refugee camp (produced, shot and edited). 2017-2019.


Beach Calligrapher – 11 minute documentary on a unique beach calligrapher, for Compass Light’s ReelEarth mini documentary collection (Director/story concept). Screened at Encounters South African International Documentary Festival, 2019.

Cape to Cairo: By Trainone hour travel documentary (Producer, camera, editor). Screened at the Adventure and Travel Film Festival, Scotland 2019, ART&TUR – International Tourism Film Festival (Portugal) 2019, Cinema For Travellers (Bulgaria) 2021. Also available at the HarmattanTV site.


UNICEF – 12 minute documentary for UNICEF Ghana on educating high school students on Ebola and Cholera (shoot and edit)

Tresor and the Camp Musicians — 25 minute documentary on a Congolese refugee musician in Malawi (Director/Producer/Camera) for Al Jazeera Witness. Screened at the FiSahara International Film Festival, 2016.

By Train Across Asia – 11 minute documentary on my journey on the Trans Siberian Train from Beijing to Moscow (produced, shot and edited). Screened at the Adventure and Travel Film Festival in the UK and Australia 2016/17


Suzete’s Battle — 25 minute documentary on a woman’s rights activist in Mozambique (Director/Producer/Camera) for Al Jazeera Witness.

UNHCR25 minute documentary on a musical being staged in Malawi bringing together refugees and Malawians (Producer, camera, editor)

PRI — mini documentary on a woman crane-driver in Cape Town (camera and edit)


UNDP —half hour documentary on the role of youth in democracy in Tunisia, Egypt, Ghana, Uganda, and Mozambique (produce, shoot and edit)


A Smile on my Face – 12 minute cinema verite documentary originally shot in 2004, but re-edited in 2009, on the Eviction of James Electrical from Cape Town’s Long Street


Swahili Islands – one hour travel documentary on my travels to seven islands found off the East African coast. (produced, shot and edited). Screened at Zanzibar International Film Festival, 2006. Sold to Southern Africa Direct television channel.


The making of Dollars and White Pipes – 17 minute ‘behind the Scenes’ documentary on the feature film ‘Dollars and White Pipes’ for Videovision (produce, shoot and edit). Screened on M-Net television station, South Africa, April 2005.


One Mile Long – 30-minute documentary on four of the people of Cape Town’s Long Street, for completion of Masters Degree in Film and Television, University of Cape Town 


Magreb al Aska: sights and sounds of Morocco – a 26-minute travel documentary on Morocco  (produced, shot and edited). Sold to South African Airways as an in-flight programme.


Safari Njema: Dar es Salaam to Cape Town using public transport– half hour travel documentary (produced, shot and edited). Screened on Southern Africa Direct channel.