Associated Press Television News (Horizons)

I have regularly contributed shot, edited and scripted six minute news features since 2006.


Greece Fishing — Coronavirus impact on fishermen’s livelihoods as well as beneficial impact on fish stocks.

Greece Tourism 2 — The first post lock down tourists go diving in Greece.

Greece Tourism — Greece starts reopening to tourism following the pandemic lock down.

South Africa Tour Guide — award-winning tour guide and the Big Five

South Africa Horses — improved welfare for Cape Town’s cart horses

South Africa Tall Building — The Leonardo, South Africa’s new tallest building


South Africa Marine Protection — Robben Island being declared a marine protected area

South Africa Healers — The use of social media by traditional healers

South Africa Elephants — Knysna Forest’s last elephant

South Africa Gold — the pollution effects of 100 years of gold mining in the Johannesburg area

South Africa Cannabis — decriminalisation of cannabis

South Africa High Speed — the land speed record breaking attempt by the Bloodhound team

Malawi Solar — the Solar Mamas, trained in India, bringing solar power to rural areas

Malawi Vaccine — the roll out of the world’s first malaria vaccine

Malawi Cyclone — rebuilding lives after devastating Cyclone Idai swept through Malawi

Malawi Albino — an Albino musician (Lazarus Chikwandali) fighting to halt the murder of albinos

South Africa Cats — the proliferation of serval cats around an industrial site (Secunda)

South Africa Tobacco — University of Cape Town’s tobacco vaccine for African Horse Sickness

South Africa Ice Cream — an insect-based ice cream


Ghana Recycling — an e-waste recycling initiative at Agbogbloshie

Ghana Rammed Earth — rammed earth building construction

Ghana Erosion — Mitigating coastal erosion 

Ghana Chocolate — the rise of Ghanaian chocolate producers

South Africa Gunshot — the “shotspotter” gun shot detecting technology in the Cape Flats

South Africa Calligrapher — Andrew van der Merwe’s unique beach calligraphy

South Africa Urban Forest — the destruction being caused by the polyphagous shothole borer on Johannesburg’s urban forest

South Africa Carbon Neutral — Africa’s first carbon neutral brewery, in Darling.

South Africa E-Currency –the introduction of an electronic currency in the Afrikaner enclave of Orania


SAF Penguin Monitors — monitors who rescue penguins who escape a conservation area

SAF Boxing Grannies — a group of elderly ladies who have taken up boxing in Johannesburg

SAF Restaurant — the only restaurant in Africa in tripadvisor’s top ten globally

South Africa Spinning — the recently legalised sport of ‘spinning’ BMWs in circles

South Africa Ghosthunters — a group of paranormal investigators in Cape Town

South Africa Seahorse — conservation of the endangered Knysna seahorse

South Africa Steam Train — the popularity of steam train trips around South Africa

South Africa Museum — the new Zeitz Museum of Contemporary African Art in Cape Town

South Africa Virtual Fence — a new method to mitigate against human-baboon conflict

South Africa Sardine Run — the annual sardine run phenomenon that attracts ocean predators

South Africa Sharks — a population study of great white sharks indicating a drop in numbers

South Africa Polo — the polo tourism niche in South Africa

South Africa Abalone — abalone aquaculture

South Africa Pig — a painting pig raising awareness of farmed animal conditions

South Africa Turtle — scientists studying decreasing size of sea turtles


Tanzania Glass Hotel — a glass underwater room at Manta Resort

Kenya Butterfly — butterfly harvesting as an alternative livelihood for loggers

South Africa Mosque — the Open Mosque in Cape Town, a mosque open to all

South Africa Crocodile — crocodile cage diving for tourists

South Africa Obstacle Course — the rising popularity of obstacle course racing

Zambia Shiwa House — a 100 year old English-style mansion in the bush

Zambia Extreme Sports — extreme sports on offer at Victoria Falls

Malawi Permaculture — advantages of crop diversification using permaculture in the face of drought

South Africa Climate Change — the use of robots sending data from the southern ocean on climate change

South Africa Gin — the gin craze in Cape Town   

South Africa Bushman Lodge — a Khomani/Mier community-run lodge in the Kalahari

Namibia Extreme Sports — the extreme sport mecca of Swakopmund

South Africa Spa Safari — the tourism trend of Spa-Safaris

South Africa Marula Fruit — elephants and people love the marula fruit

Zambia Cave Artist — Zenzele Chulu, a Zambian artist inspired by cave art

Namibia Art Safari –Mary-Anne Bartlett’s Art Safaris


South Africa Plastic Art — a Johannesburg artist who recycles plastic waste into paintings

South Africa Milk Bank — a cell phone app that is transforming human milk bank pasteurisation

South Africa Gold –mining remnant gold from Johannesburg’s gold dumps is changing the city’s landscape

South Africa Kelp — a Cape Town artist who makes kelp/seaweed sculptures

South Africa Hair — the African weave hair industry

South Africa Doodle –Zen doodling popularity in Cape Town


South Africa Slackpacking — Slackpacking as an alternative to traditional hiking

South Africa Mohair — South Africa is the world’s biggest producer of mohair

South Africa Fashion – Making fashionable accessories using African Print cloth, Maria McCloy

South Africa Meccano – the world’s biggest meccano model, made in a lounge

South Africa Chocolate — Raw organic chocolate in Cape Town

South Africa Worms — Mopane worms as a food and protein source and source

South Africa Steampunk — the growing popularity of steam punk


South Africa Kloofing – Kloofing/Canyoning in the Western Cape

South Africa Stand Up Paddling – growing popularity of Stand Up Paddling

South Africa Toads – neighbourhood volunteers helping breeding toads cross suburban streets

South Africa Raptors – the Urban Raptor Project: removing rodenticides and using raptors instead to catch rodents

South Africa Diamonds – the historic museum old town of Kimberley, site of nineteenth century diamond boom

South Africa Drones — the use of drones in anti-poaching activities at the Greater Kruger National Park

South Africa Wonkiware — unusual crockery that has taken the world by storm

South Africa Botanical Garden — Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden’s Centenary, Cape Town


South Africa Biodigestor — creating gas (energy) from organic waste

South Africa Eco-Pools — the growing popularity of eco-pools in Cape Town

South Africa Rooibos Tea — the international popularity of Rooibos tea

Namibia Climate Change — an education centre’s work to mitigate against climate change

South Africa Oil Spill — an oil spill and penguin clean up

South Africa Wine — the positive effects on plant growth by playing baroque music to vineyards

South Africa Shark Shield — a device that repels sharks

South Africa Prison Hotel — a modern Cape Town hotel with a history as a prison

South Africa – Recycled House — a house featuring many of the most sustainable living technologies

South Africa Snake-handler — the work of a snake-handler in Cape Town

Saint Helena Coffee — the resurgence of Saint Helena island’s coffee

Saint Helena Napoleon — Longwood House, where Napoleon Bonaparte spent his last years

Saint Helena Reforestation — the Millenium Forest and Darwin Initiative to reforest St Helena

Saint Helena RMS — the last Royal Mail Ship and plans for an airport on St Helena island

South Africa Sails — Re-Sails, a company that recycles used sails into bags, jackets etc

South Africa Sharks — shark attack mitigation in Cape Town

South Africa Green Rover — a company that converts game-viewing vehicles to electric power


South Africa Worms — a homeless shelter’s earthworm/organic vegetable gardens project

South Africa Flies — converting fly larvae into sustainable animal feed

South Africa Leopard — the plight of the endangered Cape Leopard

South Africa Roof Top Garden — growing vegetables on Johannesburg CBD rooftops

South Africa Penguins — the fitment and release of African Penguins with satellite transmitters

South Africa Desertification – land degradation and spekboom shrub restoration

South Africa Diabetes – the Changing Diabetes Bus, testing and treating diabetes

Tanzania Forest Conservation – the Mpingo Conservation and Development Initiative

Zambia Biofuel — Jatropha biodiesel production

Zambia Elephants — Using chillies as an elephant-human conflict mitigation measure

Malawi Aquaculture — fish pond farming

Malawi Wildlife Centre — a wildlife rescue centre in Lilongwe

Mozambique Community EcoLodge’ — Guludo Eco Lodge, involved in community upliftment

Mozambique Conservation Eco Lodge — Nkwichi Eco Lodge, involved in a conservation programme


Mozambique Forests — Mozambique’s REDD initiatives

Zambia Steam Train — a steam train at Victoria Falls

South Africa Train — the five star Rovos train from Victoria Falls to Pretoria

Swaziland Glass — the 100% recycled Ngwenya Glass products

Mozambique Reserve –the rehabilitation and expansion of the Maputo Special Reserve

South Africa Palaeontology – climate change brought to life at a Fossil Park, near Cape Town


South Africa EcoLodge – Bulungula, an eco-friendly lodge in the eastern Cape

South Africa Table Mountain – Table Mountain’s shortlisting as one of the Seven New Natural Wonders

Malawi Game Reserve – the renaissance of Majete Game Reserve

Malawi Elephants – an elephant translocation operation in Phirilongwe

Malawi Recycled Fashion – a Scottish fashion designer in Malawi utilising second hand clothes

Mozambique Carbon Trading – Envirotrade’s carbon credit-funded agro-forestry project

Mozambique Island Homestay – a homestay project on Ibo island

Mozambique Conservation – a community conservation project battling Chinese loggers

Mozambique Expedition – first scientific expedition to Mount Inago

Mozambique Expedition 2 – first scientific expedition to Mount Mabu

Lesotho Trekking – pony trekking in Lesotho


South Africa Cheetah – a Cheetah Outreach programme in Stellenbosch

South Africa Housing – Irish-funded low cost housing project in Khayalitsha

Malawi Traders – cross-border traders between Malawi and South Africa

Malawi Porter’s Race – Mount Mulanje’s annual extreme running race

Malawi Orphanage -Open Arms orphanage in Blantyre

Malawi Rocket Stove – very efficient wood stove

Mozambique Mountain – efforts to save Mount Gorongosa’s forests

Mozambique Reserve – the renaissance of Gorongosa National Park

Mozambique Gun Art – artists turning weapons into art

Mauritania Manuscripts – ancient Saharan manuscripts

Mauritania Train – the world’s longest train, carrying iron ore


South Africa Gentrification – gentrification in the Bo Kaap suburb of Cape Town

South Africa GEO Summit – Group on Earth Observations Summit held in Cape Town

South Africa Wine – the success of New World wines, ‘Goats do Roam’

South Africa Heart Transplant’ – 40th anniversary of the world’s first heart transplant operation

South Africa Whale festival – the Hermanus Whale Festival

South Africa Worms – The Mount Nelson hotel’s worm composting project

South Africa Fashion Show – an eco-friendly fashion show

South Africa Market – four traders at the Pan African Market, Cape Town

South Africa Penguins – SANCCOB’s work to save African Penguins

South Africa Recycling – efforts to get Capetonians to recycle

South Africa Concert – an eco-friendly rock concert (Rocking the Daisies)

South Africa Mountain Security – measures to make Table Mountain safer

South Africa Township Baseball – the success of new baseball players in Cape Town townships

South Africa Wild Flowers – the Cape’s wildflower season

South Africa Blacksmith – a traditional blacksmith in Cape Town

Malawi Ship – Lake Malawi’s venerable passenger ship, the Ilala

Malawi Mosquito Nets – UNICEF’s mosquito net roll out

Malawi Mountain -Mount Mulanje’s endangered Cedar tree

Mozambique Ilha – architecture of Ilha da Mozambique

Mozambique Traditional Art – northern Mozambique’s Makonde Art

Zimbabwean Farmers – Zimbabwean commercial farmers in central Mozambique


South Africa Agriculture – community organic vegetable gardens in the Cape Flats

South Africa Castle – hauntings at the Cape Town castle

Tanzania Wildlife – the Selous-Niassa Wildlife corridor, Tanzania

Tanzania Bridge – the construction of the first road link between Tanzania and Mozambique: Unity Bridge