Neil Shaw is a South African filmmaker currently based between Europe and Africa.

Neil is an all-round filmmaker: cameraman, video editor, producer, field producer, broadcast journalist and director. Since 1999 he has made 16 documentaries and over 200 TV inserts and shorter videos.

United Nations: three documentaries and 11 shorter videos for UNHCR, UNICEF, UNAIDS and UNDP.

Video Journalism: 174 shot, scripted and edited six minute video news features for Associated Press (Horizons).

Investigative television: 13 x ten minute inserts for MNET’s Carte Blanche programme.

Al Jazeera: two Witness documentaries.

NGO & Government: the UK and South African governments, Translators Without Borders, the International Water Management Institute, and others. Corporate: Cargill, GSK.

Adventure and Travel: seven documentaries, including Cape To Cairo By Train (all on youtube).

Fiction: four short films which have received honourary mentions and best film nominations at film festivals; feature film screenplay in development (2024).

His work has taken him to 34 African countries, Europe and Asia, and he has covered themes ranging from refugees and migrants, development issues and democracy, wildlife and the environment, energy and sustainability, to the arts, adventure, travel and tourism, making him a versatile filmmaker who is always looking to tell a story in a personal and creative way. His work has screened at several film festivals including Rotterdam and Encounters.

He has 25 years of library footage that can be used to bolster visuals for productions.

Neil has a BA degree (English and International Relations), an honours degree (African Politics) and a master’s degree (Film and Television) from the University of Cape Town.

Prior to video production work, he was a location scout in the Cape Town film industry for seven years.